The Grove Phylosophy

The real core of the magical-religious experience lies in the profound connection with the Spirits and the Gods present in the territory and the cultural tradition to which we are bound.

The ancient polytheists and the contemporary indigenous societies, developed an ensamble of ritual, magical end estatical practices, that communicates with them at many levels, and a mere reconstruction and re-enactement of that practices, as interesting as it may be from a cultural-historical point of view, cannot have the same effect.

The worldview and the techniques present in shamanism bring with them that immense gift that is the possibility of re-creating in first person the Sacred Net connecting us with the reality around us; in this way we are able to gain an essentially organic approach, in which a direct elationship whith Spirits and Divinities is fundamental, and ancient cults and practicies are not simply re-enacted, but co-created with Them...They are the ones concerned, after all!


For this reason, in creating Drums, Rattles and other ritual tools I decided to use only raw materials from our territory, the same ones connected to our cultural traditions: the same trees, animals, plants that interacted with our ancestors for millennia.


The craftsmanship too, follows this guiding principle: loving hands collaborate with matter, without trying to force it in a predefined form, respecting its Spirit and natural features.


To all of this, we add attention and listening to costumers' visions and desires, to create a completely costumized realization that follows ones spiritual path and imagination... which is every Magic's spark.